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Sean Mullady, Graduation Advisor for CAS Student Academic Life.

One nominator begins by noting that Sean is “the most dedicated, hardworking, and student-centered colleague I’ve ever had. …He is quick to laugh, eager to connect with everyone, and overall a joy to work with.” Recently, Sean’s unit has been understaffed and his caseload swelled to over 1,000 students. Sean invested the additional work and never let it phase him. Moreover, he ensures that each and every student has the attention they need. As one colleague put it: “Sean is the one who will hold every student’s hand and walk them up the podium to get their diploma.” In sum, another nomination states that Sean “lights up every room he walks into and makes an effort to engage with individuals and make them feel seen. Whether it be discussing the most recent docuseries we have watched, sharing a story about the mischief his cats got into this past weekend, or just discussing a recent student meeting, every conversation with Sean is one with a smile

Maria Sousa, Archeology Program Administrator

“Maria does it all,” one nominator wrote, “…budgets, student affairs, course planning, appointments, space management, publicity, social media, website management, event planning, faculty support…” “Her deep knowledge…cheerful and helpful attitude are appreciated at all times.” “She has always been there for students and faculty, going the extra mile in service, support, and care for students and faculty alike.” …In fact, “to our students, Maria is the Archaeology Program!” “She fosters an incredible work environment and we all consider ourselves fortunate to work alongside someone so exceptional.”

Haydee Torres, Administrative Secretary, Clinical Psychology Program

Our nominator states that Haydee is “the glue that holds everything together. “She is always the first to arrive on site each day, greeting faculty, students, staff and patients with a warm smile and positive attitude. As second year graduate students begin to see their first clinical cases, Haydee demonstrates patience and warmth, naturally taking on the role of educator by teaching our young clinicians how to use the communications, electronic medical records, and billing systems required by our clinic. When a clinician calls in sick, Haydee leaps into action, calling patients and rescheduling lessons. Passing by our reception area, it is not uncommon to find Haydee engaged in conversations with a nervous prospective patient. [And with Spanish as] her first language, many of our bilingual and/or Spanish speaking patients feel even more comfortable and confident. [Haydee] inspires us all to adopt her model of treating everyone with great respect, valuing all as an equally important member of our team.”

Michael Williams, Administrative Assistant, Department of Romance Studies.

A nominator wrote that Michael’s “exemplary work ethic, detail-oriented approach and exceptional organizational and people skills contribute to his stellar performance as the administrator of our graduate program.” His responsibilities are wide-ranging, but—in particular—”his discretion, dedication and care for our students…includes not only his oversight of their academic progress but also illustrates a true sense of care for their personal needs.” Another nominator claims, “What an admirable person [Michael] is! …[he] has a rare combination of qualities: intelligence, respect and attentiveness to others, clarity of thought…, a sense of fairness and high ethical standards, and a ton of practical know-how.” In sum, another nominator concludes, “I honestly don’t know what we would do without Michael.”

Andrew Vigue, Assistant Director for Reservations and Events with Boston University’s Events & Conferences Office.

Seeing a need to assist offices in the College in accomplishing their event-planning goals, Andrew has arranged and administered training sessions on Zoom multiple times a semester on the topic of room reservations and navigating 25Live (both for beginner and advanced levels). His presentations are thorough, clear, and lively. One nominator notes how Andrew would anticipate the needs and requests of CAS offices. “Without fail, Andrew reserved a suite of rooms for [my] department a year in advance without my asking. In another situation, a room was accidentally double-booked for a yearbook photoshoot, but Andrew swiftly coordinated a last-minute takedown of the photographer’s setup and repurposed it for my reservation.”