Resume + Cover Letter Reviews

Need some help with your resume or cover letter?

Please note: Resume services are available for online degree students/alumni through VMock or SMARTHINKING. Learn more


Boston University now offers access to VMock for all students in degree programs, either on-campus or online. VMock is an online tool that will analyze your resume in 30 seconds, giving you an instant and detailed assessment, including specific tips for making it better.

Available 24/7, VMock will score your uploaded resume based on three categories of criteria that employers value: impact, presentation, and career-ready competencies like teamwork and leadership. Review the details in each of those areas to see what you can do to improve, including specific bullet-level feedback. Once you’ve updated your resume, upload it again to see how you’ve improved. Although not tailored to individual career paths, degree programs, or users, the feedback represents what is recommended by the Center for Career Development.

Want to learn more before jumping in? Watch VMock’s introductory video.

Ready to get started? Log in now at Click on the red button then enter your BU credentials.


To Request a Resume Review AFTER Using VMock
If you would also like feedback from a CCD staff member on your resume, you can use VMock’s network feedback tool to request it. NOTE: This is an ONLINE review only. DO NOT come to the CCD. You must register in Handshake and also upload your resume to VMock.


  • Step 1: Upload your resume using VMock. You can access VMock on the resources page of Handshake, Log in to VMock with your BU credentials.
  • Step 2: Receive a score of 65 or higher on your resume. If you do not score a 65 or higher, please use the advice that VMock provides to make improvements and re-upload to get a score of 65 or higher. If you do not have a 65 or higher on the resume you are requesting additional feedback, you will be marked as a no-show and not receive any feedback.
  • Step 3: Click “request network feedback” in VMock and send your document to in the request form/email.
  • Step 4: Sign up for a placeholder spot in Handshake. This is not an appointment time – you are just indicating that you want a review. Someone will review your document within three business days of date you signed up for.
  • Step 5: Watch your email inbox (or VMock notifications) for notice that feedback on your resume is ready. Again, this will be up to 3 business days after you submitted your request.


  • You will not receive feedback and will be marked as a “no show” if you have less than a 65 score on your resume. Please make the changes that VMock suggests and upload a revised document with a score of 65 or higher before requesting a review.
  • This is an ONLINE review only. DO NOT come to the CCD. You must register in Handshake and also upload your resume to VMock.

VIRTUAL 15-MINUTE REVIEWS: Resumes & Cover Letters

The CCD offers 15-minute document review appointments through Handshake; select “CCD – 15-Minute Resume Review” or “CCD – 15-Minute Cover Letter Review” as the appointment type.


  • Appointments will be available each Friday for the following week, allowing you to select any open 15-minute time slot.
  • Only one review per day and only one document reviewed per review. If you sign up for more than one review on the same day, we will cancel repeat appointments without notice. If you need another review, please schedule for another day.
  • You will receive a Zoom link in your appointment.┬áTo upload your resume or cover letter document, please share via the chat feature in Zoom once the appointment has started.
  • NOTE: A computer is required for these appointments, but if you do not have webcam or microphone you will be able to call in. Ask your reviewer for the telephone audio information via the chat if needed.


  • Step 1: Log in to Handshake
  • Step 2: From the top menu, select Career Center, and then Appointments.
  • Step 3: Click the blue button that says Schedule a New Appointment.
  • Step 4: From the options, select Center for Career Development
  • Step 5: From the options, select CCD – 15-Minute Resume Review or CCD – 15-Minute Cover Letter Review
  • Step 6: Select your preferred date/time
  • Step 7: Complete the required questions and click the green button that says Request

Note that if you would like to have a CV or personal statement reviewed, please make a 30-minute appointment with the CCD in Handshake (CCD – Career Counseling Appointment). Undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni that have graduated within the last two years can schedule an appointment online on Handshake. All other alumni, please call 617-353-3590 or email