Yawkey Program: Employers

Boston University welcomes the opportunity to work with nonprofit organizations in the Boston area and beyond.

For questions about the Yawkey Program, contact program staff at 617-353-3590 or yawkey@bu.edu. For questions about recruiting at BU, browse options and policies or contact the Employer Engagement Team at 617-353-3590 or bucareer@bu.edu.

Program Overview

Funded by an endowed gift from the Yawkey Foundation and housed in the BU Center for Career Development, the Yawkey Nonprofit Internship Program supports eligible sophomores and juniors with qualified nonprofit internships. Admitted applicants receive a living allowance stipend disbursed from Boston University and benefit from the program’s educational framework designed to help participants plan for, engage in, and reflect on their internship experience.

Applicants must secure an internship at a nonprofit BEFORE applying for funding through the Yawkey Nonprofit Internship Program.

Program Requirements: Students

Program Requirements: Supervisors

Recruiting at BU: How can I get a Yawkey Intern?

The Yawkey Nonprofit Internship Program is not a placement program. Students are required to seek and secure their own internships.

We encourage nonprofit organizations to post internship positions for BU students (whether eligible for the Yawkey Program or not) through our online recruiting system, Handshake. We also have a host of other opportunities to help you engage with talented BU students eager to intern or work for nonprofits. Learn more about recruiting at BU.