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Navigating the Interview

There are a variety of interviews, from individual and group to phone and video. More often than not, yours will be a one-on-one discussion with a hiring manager or department supervisor. Others may be brought into the conversation as you move forward. Whatever the case may be, preparation is your best ally.

Before the Interview

You want to arrive at any interview not only well-dressed, but armed with research, questions, and confidence. A key to that confidence is a thorough understanding of the position, the organization, and the industry. You want to be able to articulate why you’re interested in the position and what you can bring to the table. So as your interview date approaches, think research, reflection, and readiness.

During the Interview

The interviewer’s impression of you will begin as soon as you shake hands. But by this time, you should be prepared and dressed appropriately, so try to relax. The point is to have a discussion that’s revelatory for both of you. Scroll down for tips and pointers on making the most out of your interview.

After the Interview

After the interview, it can be helpful to make notes about the meeting and jot down any additional questions. Reflect on what you learned in the interview and ask yourself: Are you still excited by the prospect of this position? Remember that you are interviewing the organization as well. Both you and the employer are looking for a good fit.

Types of Interviews

Every interview is different, but most interviews will follow one of the following formats. Each format has its own associated best practices and strategies for success.