Networking + Interviews

To set yourself apart from other job seekers, you need solid networking and sharp interviewing skills. Despite advances in technology and the proliferation of social media and job-posting sites, the human connection remains central to landing an internship or job.

Face-to-face contact, looking people in the eye, a firm handshake, a confident voice, and sincere tone—they all matter, especially while networking and interviewing. Paired with online contacts and connections, you’ll have a professional network you can use forever.

To help you prepare and feel comfortable with building (and using) your network as well as nailing your interviews, we’ve pulled together how-to resources, practical advice, tips, and insider knowledge from students, alumni, and experts across campus and beyond.

What to expect when you’re invited for an interview.

Get advice on how to dress professionally.

Master the “before, during, and after” of a job interview.

Attn: international students. Learn about interviewing in the U.S.