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Careers 101

The number of professions, career fields, and emerging industries across the globe is truly staggering. The choices are virtually limitless and can be both exciting and daunting.

First Step: Unpack Your Personality

The best way to focus your sights is to know yourself. As with choosing a major, step one is to understand your own skills and interests, values and motivations, likes and dislikes, temperament and personality, and goals. You may be tuned into some of this already, but we can help you explore these questions further.

  • Did you take a class that really sparked your interest?
  • Have you had an internship or part-time job that you loved (or hated)?
  • Do you volunteer?
  • Are you part of a student group that you can’t imagine life without?

All of these questions—and more—can help you map out the best path.

Career Inventories: How Are You Wired?

While inventories don’t have all the answers, they can be useful in helping you sort out a direction; identify your skills, interests, and values; and even understand why you sometimes think and feel the way you do.

Learn more about the range of inventories our counseling staff offers or schedule an appointment to get started.

Word to the Wise:

Since life will keep you constantly growing, changing, and learning about yourself, regularly take time to reassess your goals and how you’re pursuing them.