Conducting a search, whether for an internship or job, can be frustrating and stressful. Instead of applying to anything and everything in a rush, develop a individualized strategy to find positions that are a good match for your qualifications and spend additional time on each application. This shift in focus makes a difference. You will be a stronger candidate, and any offers are more likely to meet your needs.

Prepare To Search

Before you start actively searching, start with 2 foundational elements: your search criteria and your personal brand.

Develop a Search Plan

With a solid foundation for your search, the next step is to plan how, where, and when you’ll conduct your search. It may seem obvious (just apply to jobs!), but there is more to a search than you might realize. You want to balance being focused on what you want and open to opportunity. Plus, making strategic choices about where you dedicate time and effort might mean that you secure an offer more quickly.


Next Steps