Graduate School

When you think about graduate school, are you overwhelmed by questions? Is a graduate program right for my future career path? Do I want to take on more student loans? Should I go now or later? Am I just avoiding “the real world”? No doubt, pursuing an advanced degree is a big commitment of time, money, and effort.

It’s important that you explore your motivations and decision making. Study the pros and cons for pursuing an advanced degree and how graduate school might enhance your career goals. Ask yourself whether you’re ready to specialize in a discipline and for the demanding coursework and extensive research. What about the cost? Do you have the financial resources to cover the bills? Are there alternative avenues, such as technical training, professional seminars, or practical hands-on experience that could benefit your career path?

Explore this section to learn what’s involved in researching programs and schools as well as tips on how to move forward.

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How do I pay for all this? Learn about financing options.

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