Low Mood Treatment Study

Positive Affective Training and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults with Low Positive Affect

General Information:

We are conducting a research treatment trial to study whether cognitive behavioral therapy (a form of talk therapy) can be enhanced when combined with positive affect training for individuals with low mood or difficulty experiencing positive emotions. Positive affect training is a novel mindfulness based intervention that is aimed to increase positive affect and self-compassion.

This study involves answering questions about your mental health history, filling out questionnaires, EEGs, and treatment sessions over 12 weeks. Each study visit will take a few hours, and the treatment is at no cost. Compensation can go up to $135 for completion of the entire study.

Who is this treatment for?

If you are over 18 years old and experience low mood, low levels of happiness, or have difficulty experiencing positive emotions, this study might be a good fit for you. If you are unsure about whether this study would be a good fit for you, or for more information, please call 617-358-2249 or send us an email at mood@bu.edu.


Study Contact information:

Please call (+1) 617-358-2249

Or e-mail mood@bu.edu