University living begins with academics, but it doesn’t end there. At Boston University, the list of social, athletic, artistic, and other types of clubs is more than 500 lines long, and runs from Accounting to Zen. There are literary clubs, classic rock clubs, real rock—as in geology—clubs, and intramural and club sports for almost every participatory sport one can imagine. The most popular? That would be Broomball, a game played on a hockey rink, but without the benefit of ice skates.

And if there is interest in a club that doesn’t exist, the Office of the Dean of Students can help you start one. The Student Activities Office; Programming Council; and BU Central, BU’s late night programming venue, are run by this office.

The University also hosts several hundred events each year, from comedy to opera to debates and lectures. The Boston University School of Medicine, a short bus ride from the Charles River Campus, also offers hundreds of special lectures and other events for its active community of students and medical professionals.