School of Medicine



Your donations enable us to do so much. At a time when government research support is uncertain, your gifts help us weather the political and economic tides to keep us at the forefront of scientific discovery. Read more.

A leader in medical education and research, Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) provides an exceptional environment for students interested in basic science, clinical investigation, or public health– and health services–oriented research.

At this time of dramatic advances in science and historic changes in health care, BUSM needs to implement bold, sustainable, and innovative strategies in order to continue to deliver on our goals of expanding medical knowledge, promoting health equality, and investing in accomplishment.

With our partner, Boston Medical Center, we must lead in developing models to provide exceptional evidence-based medical care at the lowest cost. We must improve health through innovations in science and provide quality of academic life to attract and support the most outstanding and diverse faculty and trainees.

To accomplish these ambitious goals, we seek to raise a total of $200 million. Please join us in our effort to continue BUSM’s transformation into a top-20 medical school—an institution that generates powerful new ideas to benefit humanity and trains tomorrow’s leaders in the health sciences and in healing.

Campaign Priorities


Broadening and deepening our research effort will lead to discoveries that enhance diagnosis and treatment. These discoveries, in turn, will lead to new research opportunities for students and faculty, enhance the school’s reputation, and help with faculty recruitment and retention—all critical to our continued success.

Capital projects

Our proposed capital projects target educational infrastructure, quality-of-life issues, and the high cost of living in Boston. Ultimately, we will need to build a new instructional facility. We also need to improve our classrooms and offices, and build another student residence hall to accommodate the remaining students who need an affordable place to live close by.


While most students (especially the very best) have educational choices, many have no choice when it comes to financing a medical-school education: they have to go where they will receive sufficient aid to minimize their future debt. If we can extend more scholarship aid to our students, we will be more competitive with other top medical schools and attract the most talented students. What happens when BU attracts the most talented students? The educational experience for all students is enriched, and we are better able to recruit and retain outstanding faculty.

Endowed professorships

To help recruit and retain the best faculty, we need professorships both at assistant and full professor levels. Endowed professorships provide our faculty with incremental research support, as well as recognition and prestige. They also enhance BUSM’s standing in the academic medical community, which again helps with recruitment.

Educational initiatives and student programming

One of the distinctive aspects of BUSM is the wealth of opportunities for students outside of the traditional classroom environment. From the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center to student organizations to service learning opportunities to research projects and international electives, we must continue to support and broaden opportunities for students to grow and develop outside the traditional curriculum.

Support for faculty

Increased funding for faculty development will enable our teachers and researchers to receive continued education in the art and craft of teaching, attend additional conferences, acquire new skills, and learn new ways of thinking. Investing in our faculty at all levels is one of the best tools for recruitment and retention.