College of Fine Arts



What ignited your creativity? Maybe you played trombone, or practiced arabesques. Perhaps you did papier-mâché, or scribbled out a play. An education in the arts gives us the tools to express ourselves—and to express the broader human story. Read more.

Boston University’s College of Fine Arts offers a rich and thoughtful environment for the artists of tomorrow: a place where students and faculty can engage with the artistic and cultural traditions of the past while exploring the intersection of these traditions with the relevant social, political, and cultural issues of the present.

These explorations occur within a vibrant community of artists that brings together the School of Music, the School of Theatre, and the School of Visual Arts. Established in 1954, CFA offers professional training in the arts for undergraduate and graduate students, complemented by a liberal arts curriculum for undergraduate students that helps broaden and deepen their knowledge and outlook as artists.

Each school within CFA offers personal, conservatory-style training in a constructive and supportive environment. Our faculty of leading artists, performers, and scholars, many with international reputations in their fields, is carefully chosen for their ability and passion as teachers. And our education begins on the BU campus and extends into Boston—a vibrant center of cultural, artistic, and intellectual activity—and beyond.

BU’s CFA has a rich and storied past, but it is the daily renewal and artistic transformation that occurs in our classrooms, studios, and practice areas, and on our stages, that fills the College with an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

Campaign priorities

The College of Fine Arts is often called the “Art at the Heart” of Boston University. With programs at 855 and 808 Commonwealth Avenue and in Lenox, Mass., we have numerous physical opportunities to connect with the arts community. Each of our facilities possess historical richness and character, but many of our spaces require significant renovations to create the right environment for today’s students.

We are currently working with Wilson Butler architects to develop a detailed plan to make CFA’s home elegant in its public spaces and open, durable, and functional behind the scenes. First steps toward substantial renovation were taken in 2008 and 2009, and included the installation of 120 state-of-the-art practice studios, expansion and upgrade of visual arts classrooms, and a new HVAC system. The next phase will include the re-imagining of performing and gallery spaces at 855 Commonwealth Avenue—another step closer to the vision of a porous, socially successful arts community that joins east and west campus—creating a lively, accessible, and relevant cultural hub that is a center of gravity for student life and community arts.

This vision will make BU a place where the arts connect the entire community, with CFA at the heart of it all. The right environment is within reach—with your help.