Provide opportunity

Keeping BU affordable for all qualified students—no matter what their family’s economic circumstances—is an overriding priority for BU. Why? Because from the beginning, inclusiveness has been a central value of our University. And because a diverse student body, fully reflective of the vibrant and challenging world around us, is one of our great strengths.

Each year, it gets more difficult to embrace that tradition. While BU is becoming ever more competitive (57,433 students applied for 3,500 spots in the Class of 2020) almost half of the young people who gain admission to BU can’t afford it without assistance. We offer aid packages that are as generous as we can make them, but still, when you factor in private loans, the average student leaves BU with a debt load exceeding $40,000.

The recent economic crisis and deep recession have put many families under severe financial pressure. Now, more than ever, we need to take decisive action to ensure that every deserving student is able to afford BU.

Financial Aid: By the Numbers

Full-time freshman enrollment:


Number who applied for need-based aid:


Number who were judged to have need:


Average percent of need met:


Average need-based loan:


Average federal indebtedness at graduation:


Average indebtedness at graduation (including private loans):


There are many ways to provide opportunity for students at BU:

  • Participate in the Century Challenge—BU will match the good done in your name for 100 years
  • Endow a scholarship, fellowship, or prize
  • Designate your Annual Fund gift to scholarship, or to your favorite school or college—they’ll use it for emergency financial aid, conference fees and travel stipends, and more