Dahod Family Alumni Center in the BU Castle

100 years in the making

After 100 years—more than 80 of them with BU—the Castle is being converted to an exciting new use: as the Dahod Family Alumni Center for BU’s 326,000-plus graduates. Thanks to a $2 million gift from BU trustee Shamim Dahod (CGS’76, CAS’78, MED’87) and her husband, Ashraf Dahod, a thorough restoration is underway. The Alumni Center’s grand opening will be celebrated on Alumni Weekend 2018, September 19–23. (To receive updates about the Alumni Weekend events, visit bu.edu/alumniweekend.)

Hundreds of alumni and friends have stepped up to support the creation of the Alumni Center. You can still be a part of this historic effort.

A new home for BU alumni

No BU building is more recognized or beloved than the Castle, the Tudor Revival mansion rooted in the heart of the Charles River Campus. Soon this century-old gem will be put to an entirely new use: as the new Dahod Family Alumni Center for BU’s 326,000+ graduates.

Why this change? Because BU alumni are the University’s true lifelong constituents, and they deserve the best possible home on campus.

Restored and updated to full handicapped accessibility, the Dahod Family Alumni Center will welcome and serve all BU alumni when they visit the University. Alumni Relations staff will be located there, and visiting alumni will have a dedicated place to meet colleagues, get information, enjoy Fuller’s BU Pub, or rendezvous with old roommates—in a scenic locale that is emerging as the gateway to BU’s Charles River Campus.

“We have always lacked a central place on campus for alumni to gather, whether it’s for a scheduled meeting, or simply to hang out for a few hours. When this project is complete, we’re going to have a home on campus, and I think that’s a terrific development.” —Wayne J. Positan (CAS’70), president of the Boston University Alumni Association