Carol Pohl (MED’67)

Paying it Forward

BUSM Alumna supports her school to help keep BU a leader in medicine

Carol C. Pohl was a groundbreaker. A determined student, she was a chemistry major in college and set her sights on medical school, not yet a popular choice for women of her generation. And not just any medical school: a school in a great city, and one that admitted a dozen women that year in a class of 66 students. “Back then, I knew I was going to a terrific school,” she remembers, “one with a national reputation, and a faculty full of renowned practitioners.” Radiology was her chosen field at Boston University’s School of Medicine. She practiced for 33 years, retiring in 2006.

Now Dr. Pohl has chosen to honor her BU education by documenting a bequest for the School.

Pohl’s bequest gift is meant to both honor her alma mater and support the next generation of students. “BU was the place where my professional life began,” she says. “I felt it was time for me to express my appreciation for that and to do it by supporting the next generation of medical students.”

“I believe we’re each a part of a greater whole, and giving back to what we value is part of my philosophy. There should be a way for bright, ambitious kids, whose families don’t have the resources, to be able to come to BU. That’s important to me and important to MED, as well.”