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The Campaign Travels

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Campaign celebrations across the country

Campaign kickoff events continued around the country, most recently in Chicago and San Francisco. Here on campus, BU celebrated a major milestone by honoring Sumner M. Redstone at a dedication ceremony for the new Redstone Building under construction adjacent to the Law Tower.

Midwest kickoff


Trustee Alicia Mullen (CAS’83), founder and principal of Washing Pond Ventures, opens the program.

Godfrey addresses the crowd.

School of Law campaign chair Richard Godfrey (LAW’79), senior litigation partner at Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, addresses the crowd in the Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room.

Tager-Flusberg & Morrison

Speakers Helen Tager-Flusberg, BU professor of psychology, and BU Overseer and LAW DAB member Ken Morrison (LAW’83), partner at Kirkland & Ellis, LLP

Cohen & Sugayan

LAW DAB member Gerard H. Cohen (LAW’62), CEO and president of Wester Carriers Inc, & Catalina J. Sugayan (LAW’85), office managing partner, Sedgwick LLP


SPH Campaign Chair Jeannine Rivet (SPH’81), executive vice president of United Health Group


Steven Ross (GSM’92), CEO of the Squire Ridge Company

The Burnses

Julia Burns (CAS’92, GSM’94), sales and marketing director for Talent Genesis, and Bladen Burns (SMG’92), senior vice president of Fiduciary Management Inc.

Northern California kickoff

Gallo & Roth Gallo host.

Event co-hosts Ernest Gallo, vice president of E. & J. Gallo Winery, and attorney Ryan Roth Gallo (LAW’99)

Simon talks.

Jonathan Simon, Robert A. Knox Professor of International Health, talks about the BU Center for Global Health & Development’s efforts to combat counterfeit pharmaceuticals in the developing world.

Davis Cohan & Cohan

Physical therapist Cynthia Davis Cohan (SAR’91) and Jay Cohan, an investment partner with Western Technology Investment

Livingston & Levin

College of Fine Arts Dean’s Advisory Board member and retired advertising consultant Nancy Livingston (COM’69) and importer Fred Levin

The Ashrafzadehs

Christine Ashrafzadeh (CAS’92, GSM’96), marketing and business, Modesto Eye Center; and ophthalmic surgeon Amin Ashrafzadeh (CAS’93, MED’97), president and CEO of Modesto Eye Center

Feld, Simon, Brown, Paul, Roth Gallo, Gallo, & Wexler

Campaign Chair Kenneth Feld (SMG’70), chairman and CEO of FELD Entertainment, Inc.; Jonathon Simon; BU President Robert Brown; event co-host and Campaign Executive Committee member Peter Paul, president and CEO of Headlands Asset Management, LLC; Ryan Roth Gallo and Ernest Gallo; and Peter Wexler (GSM’93), co-founder and director of SpiderCloud Wireless

Redstone Building celebration

The Mandelbaums and Dean O'Rourke

Sheree Mandelbaum (DGE’76, SAR’78), LAW Dean Maureen O’Rourke, and Nathan Mandelbaum (LAW’69), partner with Mandelbaum and Mandelbaum, PC

William Schwartz

William Schwartz (LAW’55), former School of Law dean and Viacom corporate director [expand to see: BU President Robert Brown, Richard Godfrey (LAW’79), BU Trustee and School of LAW campaign chair]

President Brown and Mike Fricklas

President Brown and Mike Fricklas (LAW’84), LAW Dean’s Advisory Board member and executive vice president, general counsel, and secretary of Viacom [expand to see: William Schwartz (LAW’55) and Carl Folta (COM’80), executive vice president of corporate communications for Viacom.]

Volunteer Spotlight

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Board of Overseers Vice Chair William Bloom

Billy-BloomMember: Athletics Directors Council
Co-chair: Athletics Campaign

Principal of a private-investment firm. Former vice chairman of a multi-billion dollar real estate investment trust. Former captain of BU Rugby. There’s no doubt that William Bloom (CGS’82, SMG’84) has the leadership instinct. And it isn’t just his easy approachability that underpins his decades of success. He also has a passion for helping others and a unique perspective on leadership and the development of personal excellence that is informed by his time as an athlete at BU. That perspective has now led to The Leadership Academy at Boston University, endowed by Bloom and his wife Ruth.

“Leadership implies teamwork,” Bloom says. “You’ve got to be able to get a group of people to work together. It’s not always about being the fastest, or the strongest scorer. It’s that intangible ability to motivate other people.”

Bloom himself embodies that quality. Before underwriting the leadership academy, Bloom, who is vice chairman of the University’s board of overseers, made the first philanthropic contribution to the University’s newly created New Balance Field and endowed a scholarship for student-athletes.

The Leadership Academy at Boston University

The leadership academy, which launched in October, identifies scholar-athletes with leadership potential and provides them with tailored curricula focused on the retention and application of leadership principles. The academy also teaches coaches proven, practical leadership strategies that their team members can learn as soon as the next practice and employ long beyond their years of eligibility.

As a member of the Patriot League athletic conference—which encourages and sponsors the creation of leadership academies at each of its member schools—BU joins highly rated collegiate programs dedicated to preparing their athletes for excellence on and off the field. Initiatives like the leadership academy help enhance not only students’ athletic aptitude, but also their overall ability to succeed.

Athletics is kind of a laboratory for human endeavor…You learn how to
get along with people and how to bring disparate groups together to achieve a common goal … those are the lessons you carry with you into your career
and your life.” —William Bloom

With more than 125 participants in its inaugural year, the academy’s launch could not have come at a better time, says Mike Lynch, Boston University’s director of athletics. “We’ve gone through many significant changes this past year as a department and [the academy] is among the most important,” Lynch says. “This generous and thoughtful commitment by Mr. and Mrs. Bloom and their family moves our athletic program into the company of just a handful of elite athletic departments in the country that are dedicating time, energy, and resources to leadership development at a very high level.”

While his love of sports and commitment to his alma mater contributed to Bloom’s decision to help make the leadership academy a reality, it’s a deeper personal understanding about the impact of athletics that ultimately inspired his generosity. “Athletics is kind of a laboratory for human endeavor,” he explains. “The fear of losing doesn’t keep an athlete from trying, and you can fail again and again. You learn how to get along with people and how to bring disparate groups together to achieve a common goal—whether it’s the short-term victory for the week or a season-winning record. Those are the types of lessons you carry with you into your career and your life. And I think that’s important.”

Student scholarships on the rise

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Campaign impact: Scholarships

scholarshipKeeping BU affordable for all qualified students, regardless of their financial circumstances, is a growing challenge today. While inclusiveness and diversity are among our oldest and proudest traditions, it’s getting tougher every year for the University to embrace that tradition. Few of our students now graduate from BU without heavy debt burdens. So attracting new scholarship support is among our very highest priorities.

The good news is that donors have generously responded, providing 141 new financial aid gifts for both graduate and undergraduate students, including many newly endowed scholarships. Among the scholarship donors are those who have taken up the University’s Century Challenge, wherein the proceeds of scholarship gifts of $100,000 or more are matched dollar-for-dollar by BU for 100 years. Students in all 16 BU schools and colleges have benefitted, led (in terms of numbers of awards) by the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Medicine, and the School of Management, from Century Challenge gifts.

Scholarships give non-traditional students like me the freedom to find the kind of work that gets us excited about getting up every day.” —Emily Fletcher (GSM’14), Lead Fellowship recipient

Among the newest scholarship awards is the Moorman-Simon Civic Fellowship, established by donors Ruth A. Moorman (CAS’88, SED’89) and Sheldon N. Simon for graduate students pursuing a Ph.D.—in any school or college at BU—whose research and scholarship involve vigorous engagement with civic life and efforts to establish close partnerships with the community. Another new award: The Lilly Family Scholarship (a Century Challenge award), given by George (COM’56), Brian (COM’89), and Kevin (SMG’90, COM’97, GSM’97) Lilly for scholars from Puerto Rico and U.S. Caribbean Territories.

There are many ways to provide financial opportunities for students at BU.

Campaign news briefs

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BU jumps in U.S. News rankings

In the new 2014 U.S. News & World Report university rankings, BU has jumped up ten places since last year: from 51 to 41 out of 201 ranked U.S. universities. BU now appears on a short list of “Up and Comers,” chosen for their “promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty, student life, campus, or facilities.”

BU is 50th of 400 worldwide

London’s Times Higher Education magazine (formerly part of the Times of London) has bumped BU up four spots, to 50th of the top 400 universities worldwide. The University was the 30th highest ranked U.S. institution on the list. The rankings primarily reflect faculty productivity, says BU Assistant VP for Institutional Research Melanie Madaio-O’Brien.

Alumni stepping up: FY13 review

One of the really gratifying things we’ve seen since the start of the Campaign is the steady rise in the number of alumni who have stepped up to take part in this first-ever major fundraising effort. These people aren’t unaccustomed to giving to worthy causes, but we had never asked them to take part in a major BU campaign before—there simply hadn’t been one in our history. In FY12, for example, we had envisioned attracting 25,000 alumni donors as the campaign got underway; and we ended up with more than 30,000.

To see that kind of response is gratifying. It’s injected a lot of energy into the campaign and shown us how committed our alums are to Boston University, to its entry onto the stage of major research universities, and to its success as an education powerhouse. And, with this trajectory, we should reach 45,000 alumni donors by the end of the campaign in FY17 and a total of more than 50,000 donors to BU annually.”

—Vice President for Alumni Relations Steven A. Hall

SMG and LAW, up, up, and away!

Speaking of rankings, the Princeton Review declares BU’s law professors the best in the nation in its 2014 edition of The Best 169 Law Schools. And there’s more: Business Insider says the BU School of Management is now the 10th-best business school in the world, outpacing 168 other schools, including those deemed similar by the Review: Harvard, Georgetown, Northwestern, the University of Virginia, and Boston College.

A record fundraising year for BU

BU donors shattered the University’s annual fundraising record of $98 million (set in fiscal 2011), giving more than $116.9 million in 2013. Thanks to this record generosity, the campaign total has topped $585 million, approximately one year into its public launch. That figure includes 111 commitments of $1 million or more. Scott Nichols, BU’s senior vice president for development and alumni relations, attributes much of the success of the campaign to date to excitement around BU’s first major fundraising drive and enthusiasm for President Robert Brown and his strategic plan for the University.

Lu Lingzi Scholarship Fund tops $1 million

Thanks to some 1,300 donors across the globe, BU’s Lu Lingzi Fund has now received more than $1 million in donations since it was established last spring by the BU Campaign Executive Committee. The fund, which will provide scholarships for BU students, honors Lingzi (GRS’13), who died as a result of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15.

Campaign impact at a glance

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We’ve come a long way, Terriers! Among BU buildings, awards, and programs made possible by
generous donors since the start of the Choose to be Great campaign are:

  • 40 new professorships
  • 141 new student financial aid funds, including scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, fellowships, awards and prizes
  • 120 new state-of-the-art practice studios—spacious, soundproof, acoustically sophisticated, and climate controlled—in the College of Fine Arts
  • Shamim and Ashraf Dahod Breast Cancer Research Center at the School of Medicine
  • The Leadership Academy at Boston University
  • Center for Student Services, including Marciano Commons and the Sharon and Robert Ryan Lounge and Reception Area
  • Sumner M. Redstone Building at the School of Law, now under construction
  • Medical Student Residence
  • Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Honors College, as well as the Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Professorship and support for renovation of Kilachand Hall
  • Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC)
  • New Balance Field
  • Rafik B. Hariri Center for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering
  • Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future program endowment
  • 957 alumni events held across the globe between September 2013 and September 2014


From the Campaign Chairman

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FeldDear friend of Boston University,

We launched The Campaign for Boston University just over a year ago. We set an ambitious goal for ourselves: $1 billion. As far as we know, BU is the only institution ever to mount its first campaign with a goal that big.

What did that mean for us? It meant that we had to build the plane while we were flying it. We had to knock on doors that hadn’t been knocked on before. We had to speed-date.

We did all of that—and we’re still doing it—with gusto. But none of it would have worked had there not been an enormous reservoir of goodwill toward BU out there, just waiting to be tapped.

There was.

The evidence? As of last month, the grand total raised through The Campaign for Boston University was more than $585 million—a spectacular showing, just one year into the five-year public phase of this campaign. And the impacts of that amazing generosity are already being felt at the University in major ways.

Previous issues of this newsletter have described the building projects that are either completed or well under way on our two campuses. There’s plenty of other great news. For example, a total of 40 new professorships have been created through the campaign—and counting. A total of 141 new funds providing financial aid to BU students have been established—and counting.

With your help, we’re changing students’ lives at Boston University by giving them access to an educational experience like no other. With your help, we are supercharging our research enterprise, helping our professors open doors to a new and better future. With your help, our institution is making a bigger difference every day in our city, our nation, and our world.

Thank you very much for joining us in choosing to be great.


Kenneth J. Feld (SMG’70)
Chairman and CEO, FELD Entertainment, Inc.
Trustee, Boston University

A global effort, and a global vision

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The campaign wins worldwide support

Most fundraising drives mounted by U.S.-based universities are fortunate to earn even 2 percent of their support from overseas. One of the most striking aspects of The Campaign for Boston University is the broad base of support that it has received from individual alumni and groups around the world.

As of the end of October, the “Choose to be Great” campaign had received more than $89 million from international alumni and other overseas friends of BU, which represents 15.4 percent of all funds pledged to date.

Much of that surprising success has been driven by committed individuals, including trustee Rajen Kilachand (GSM’74), who has not only made the largest gifts to the campaign but also helped organize and support the Dubai campaign kickoff this past March. In the wake of the Dubai celebration, alumni groups across the Middle East have been either organized or re-energized.

Another key contributor is the International Advisory Board (IAB), a group of committed alumni, parents, and friends who meet several times a year to give counsel to President Brown and other University leaders on issues related to BU’s global impact and footprint. Collectively, the members of the IAB have contributed more than $96 million to the campaign.

There are so many moving pieces coming together, most of them inspired and organized by our Asian alumni.” —SMG Dean Kenneth Freeman

Yet another important global asset for the campaign is the highly active network into which BU’s 20,000-plus international alumni have organized themselves. This is perhaps most true in Asia, where alumni have been running active groups organized both by country and by region. Korea—where BU alumni meet weekly, and have organized two orchestras—is only one example of this tradition of high engagement. Alumni leaders in Taiwan report similar weekly meetings.

Looking forward, BU will work with these groups to spotlight the University’s presence and impact around the world, and at the same time, lend new momentum to the campaign. Two alternating semi-annual Asian alumni events—the Asian Alumni Festival and the Asian Business Forum—are being substantially upgraded this coming March. The three-day effort—led by the BU Asian Alumni Committee, based in Beijing—will include both a cultural festival and a business forum, a campaign event, a celebration of the School of Management’s 100th anniversary, and a meeting of the International Advisory Board.

“There are so many moving pieces coming together, most of them inspired and organized by our Asian alumni,” comments SMG Dean Kenneth Freeman. “It promises to be a unique gathering of the global BU family.”

The Beijing event is scheduled for March 27–30, 2014. Most of the events scheduled for that weekend will be open to all BU alumni. For further information, visit the BU Momentum website.

New Professorships at BU

January 6th, 2014 in Campaign Newsletter, Issue 4 1 comment

Recruiting & Retaining

If your goal is to assemble a world-class faculty, you only have to worry about two things: finding great scholars and teachers, and then holding on to them.

That may sound easy, but—as BU Provost Jean Morrison is quick to point out—it’s an enormous challenge.

“In the life of a great university,” explains Morrison, “nothing is more important, or more difficult, than building an outstanding faculty. They define the future of their fields of study. They make substantial scholarly contributions. And they bring the kind of passion, energy, and spirit of exploration to their classrooms that inspires students to excel.

“The problem, of course, is that every great university is competing for exactly those kinds of people.”

Nothing is more important, or more difficult, than building an outstanding faculty.” —BU Provost Jean Morrison

Here is where The Campaign for Boston University is having one of its most notable impacts: in helping to recruit and retain faculty “stars.” Since the beginning of the campaign, 40 new professorships have been created at BU—invaluable tools in the competition for first-rate thinkers and teachers, and in their development and retention once they’re on board.

“It can’t be overstated,” continues Morrison. “Our new career-development professorships, as well as our more traditional faculty chairs, help us bring people to BU—both at the junior and senior levels. Professorships help us show outstanding individuals that we are fully committed to them, and to their growth and development.”

Career Development Professorships
Given by private donors, these awards enable BU to recognize talented young faculty who show unusual promise of leadership in their fields. Award funds can be used at the discretion of their recipients to support field research, hire graduate students, or expand lab work. Winners have come from many of BU’s 16 schools and colleges. Awards (including research funding) included:

  • The Peter T. Paul Career Development Professorship, awarded to Erin Reid (School of Management), John “Mac” Marston (College of Arts & Sciences), and Tyler Perrachione (College of Health & Rehabilitative Science: Sargent College)
  • The Reidy Family Career Development Professorship, awarded to Nachiketa Sahoo (School of Management) and Douglas Densmore (College of Engineering)
  • The Stuart and Elizabeth Pratt Career Development Professorship, awarded to Cornel Ban (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • The Ralph Edwards Career Development Professorship, awarded
    to Hui Feng (School of Medicine)

Innovation Career Development Professorships
Awarded annually by the University, these awards recognize outstanding assistant professors whose translational research is likely to lead to future licensed technology. The 2013–14 scholars recently named were Ramesh Jasti (College of Arts & Sciences) and Ahmad Khalil (College of Engineering).

The Questrom Professors in Management
Allen (SMG’64) and Kelli Questrom have recently provided two new endowed professorships to the BU School of Management, each awarded to senior faculty at the school. The inaugural Questrom Professors in Management are Karen Golden-Biddle, professor and senior associate dean, and Susan Fournier, professor of marketing and dean’s research fellow. The professorships are part of a $10 million gift that also includes seed funding for the school’s much-anticipated new building on Bay State Road. An earlier Questrom gift endowed the school’s deanship held by Kenneth Freeman.

Peter and Deborah Wexler Professorship
David Weil, professor of markets, public policy and law, and the School of Management’s Everett Lord Distinguished Faculty Fellow, has been named the first recipient of the new Peter and Deborah Wexler Professorship in Management at SMG. Both donors are 1993 graduates of the School’s PEMBA program.


Karen Golden-Biddle


Susan Fournier


David Weil