June 28th, 2018

Broad alumni support—including a $1 million gift—helps expand SDM


The Lawrence J. and Anne Cable Rubenstein Building—home of the University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine—is undergoing a transformation.

Construction, which began in April, will add 48,000 square feet to the building, bringing the space to 144,000 square feet. Improvements include a spacious patient entrance at East Newton and Albany streets and patient-designated elevators. Clinical and other treatment space will increase by 60 percent, and classrooms and labs will gain 40 percent more area, in part through the addition of an auditorium and a Simulation Learning Center. Students and residents will have their own lounge and collaborative study area on the first floor.

“This is something we have looked forward to for years,” said Jeffrey W. Hutter, dean of SDM. “The momentum for this project has grown strong in recent years, with our alumni all over the world sharing their ideas. But they’ve done much, much more. Many of them have thrown their financial support behind it.” An anonymous donor has made a $1 million contribution—the first at this level for the school. “It’s a transformational gift,” Hutter said, “and it encourages us to set our sights even higher.”

By almost any measure, the existing building has constrained what the SDM community—more than 800 students, 300 faculty, and staff and volunteers—could undertake. The expansion will support SDM’s standard-setting initiatives, notably the adoption of the Group Practice Model for clinical patient care and the commitment to teaching digital dentistry.

SDM’s initial fundraising effort has focused on supporting the creation of 100 new patient treatment rooms, all urgently needed. The school treats more than 33,000 patients each year, with nearly 150,000 visits. Donors who give $25,000 or more can name a patient treatment room.

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