May 23rd, 2016

Scholarship voices 2016

With BU’s 2016 Commencement already a memory, we offer a sampling of the voices of some of our scholarship recipients—students whose lives were quite literally changed by the generosity of our donors. Scholarship support remains a top priority of the BU campaign, and its benefits were abundantly clear for recipients.

Kym Irizarry (CGS’17)
“I got a very good scholarship package, and I’m grateful that someone actually thought I was worth it. It makes me even more motivated, because I want to show them that I am worth it… I want to thank them with my future.”

Fiona Kearns (CFA’17)
“I’m doing a design production degree…all aspects, both creative and functional. Honestly, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my scholarship! I have four younger siblings at home, so without the scholarship…it’s a gift I’m grateful for all the time.”

Sreeram Mullankandy (Questrom’16)
“The difference that you [the donor] make is huge, and I hope that I can do justice to the opportunity you’ve given to me, by not ‘stopping’ at a job, but by making a mark that will make BU proud.”

Nitasha Khetarpal (Questrom’16)
“I’m so grateful to Questrom donors for their commitment and confidence in us as the leaders of tomorrow. I sincerely thank them for their kindness and generosity.”

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