June 23rd, 2014

A new Alumni Center in the Castle

Plans for a home on campus for BU alums

The continuing success of the Campaign—fueled largely by the generous support of BU alumni—has once again highlighted a critical missing resource on the Charles River campus: an alumni center.

Today, BU has some 300,000 alumni, and every year, more of those alumni are involved in the life of the University—including ever-larger numbers who attend events in Boston. And yet, with the modest exception of a lounge and conference room in the School of Management building at 595 Commonwealth Avenue, there is no university-wide facility devoted exclusively to alumni affairs.

This may soon change.

We are very, very excited about the prospect of creating a first-ever, top-flight facility to serve our alumni and other friends.” —Vice President for Alumni Relations Steve Hall

If $5 million in philanthropic support for the project can be secured, the University will transform the “Castle”—the fanciful Tudor Revival mansion on the corner of Bay State Road and Granby Street, at the heart of the Charles River Campus—into a stunning new BU Alumni Center. And because the Castle adjoins the newly completed admissions center on Bay State Road, the combined site has the potential to be one of the most active and important locations on campus.

Current plans call for a complete rehabilitation of the building—a former private residence completed in 1915 and used for decades as the home of BU presidents—and the creation of new facilities, including:

  • a dedicated alumni reception area
  • space for large events and conferences
  • meeting rooms
  • a commercial-grade kitchen
  • an expanded wheelchair-accessible pub, with indoor/outdoor conservatory space
  • offices for staff members who provide services to alumni

“We are very, very excited about the prospect of creating a first-ever, top-flight facility to serve our alumni and other friends,” said Vice President for Alumni Relations Steve Hall. “We will work hard to find the resources to do it, and do it right.”

Anyone interested in supporting the proposed Alumni Center should email Steve Hall at sahall@bu.edu.

2 Comments on A new Alumni Center in the Castle

  • I would be interested in making a small donation within the year for this project. How long will this take to rebuild?

  • Maybe you should convert the Castle into a hotel or dorm to house any visiting Alumni, rather having them being ripped off by staying at a local hotel. I was going to go to my reunion in 2012, but it is held in September when the dorms are occupied rater in May when the dorms are empty, like in the past. I contacted several of the hotels that you recommended and found out the were going to charge $450 for 2 for 2 nights, what a rip off. You got to do better.

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