June 20th, 2014

Honoring $100K

Gifts of all sizes are appreciated at BU. Here we honor those who have made commitments of $100,000 or more to the campaign between December 1, 2013, and June 11, 2014.


Anonymous (4)
Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation
American Chemical Society
American College of Rheumatology Research and Education Foundation
American Diabetes Foundation
Arthritis Foundation

Merwyn Bagan (MED’62, SPH’95) and Carol J. Bagan
Barr Foundation
Douglas S. Bean (SMG’78) and Denise Bean
BHR Pharma, LLC
Biogen Idec Foundation Inc.
Donald Booth
The Boston Foundation
Robert T. Butler (LAW’55) and Paula S. Butler


Carl Zeiss X-Ray Microscopy Inc.
Charles R. Cantor
Fred Chicos
Cynthia D. Cohan (SAR’91) and Jay L. Cohan
Gerard H. Cohen (LAW’62) and Sherryl W. Cohen (GRS’60)
Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust
College Preparatory Mathematics
Comité Nacional de Productores de Azúcar
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany Inc.
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation


V. Eugene and Rosalie DeFreitas Charitable Foundation
DeGregorio Family Foundation

Flatley Discovery Lab LLC
Frank C. (MED’59) and Florence I. Gazzaniga Revocable Trust

Shahram S. Gholami (MED’96) and Neda Gholami
The Estate of Dean P. Guerin (SMG’49)

The Estate of Suyin Han
Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
Warren J. Hurwitz (MET’78) and Judith S. Hurwitz (CAS’73, COM’75)


ILEX Foundation
Institut Mérieux
International Pharmaceutical Federation
David M. Israel (GSM’84) and Julie Hillman

Steven M. Karbank (CAS’79) and Jeannette O. Karbank
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Raymond L. Killian (SED’59) and Helen C. Killian
John & James Knight Foundation
Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Stewart F. Lane & Bonnie Comley Foundation
Jude Peyton Laspa
Charles Reiner Lax (SMG’82)
Linde Family Foundation
LUNGevity Foundation
Matthew H. Lynch (LAW’84) and Susan M. Banks (LAW’84)


Nathan B. Mandelbaum (LAW’69) and Sheree Mandelbaum (DGE’76, SAR’78)
Anthony V. Manory
Massachusetts Neuroscience Foundation
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Frank J. Miselis (MED’45) and Theodora T. Miselis
Allen J. Moore (GRS’63, STH’63) Mary E. Moore
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Kenneth P. Morrison (LAW’83) and Susan K. Morrison
Alicia C. Mullen (CAS’83) and Timothy Mullen
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation


Dorothy Newman (CAS’69) and Eugene J. Haley

Oak Foundation
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Oticon AIS

Robert M. Paine (SMG’86, GSM’91)
Jane L. Pappalardo (CFA’65) and A. Neil Pappalardo
Simon C. Parisier (MED’61) and Elaine S. Parisier

Mina Paul (SPH’97) and Ajay Saini (SMG’82)
Pfizer Inc.

Sumner M. Redstone (Hon.’94)


Santander Bank, N.A., through its Santander Universities division
The Estate of Bernard G. Schwartz (CFA’47, GRS’58)
Seedlings Foundation
Simons Foundation
Analjit Singh (SMG’77, GSM’79) and Neelu A. Singh
Sports Legacy Institute
Harry Susilo and Maria V. Tjoa Susilo
Marcy Syms (COM’75)

Nina C. Tassler (CFA’79) and Gerald S. Levine (CFA’79)
John Tegan III (ENG’88)


Gary A. Villella (CGS’69, SMG’71) and Susan D. Villella

Kuei S. Wang (CAS’92)
James D. Watt (CGS’83, SMG’85) and Elizabeth Watt
Robert J. Weissman (SMG’58) and Carol G. Weissman
Wildflower Foundation

Wayne J. Zuckerman (CAS’79) and Deborah A. Zuckerman

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