January 6th, 2014

From the Campaign Chairman

FeldDear friend of Boston University,

We launched The Campaign for Boston University just over a year ago. We set an ambitious goal for ourselves: $1 billion. As far as we know, BU is the only institution ever to mount its first campaign with a goal that big.

What did that mean for us? It meant that we had to build the plane while we were flying it. We had to knock on doors that hadn’t been knocked on before. We had to speed-date.

We did all of that—and we’re still doing it—with gusto. But none of it would have worked had there not been an enormous reservoir of goodwill toward BU out there, just waiting to be tapped.

There was.

The evidence? As of last month, the grand total raised through The Campaign for Boston University was more than $585 million—a spectacular showing, just one year into the five-year public phase of this campaign. And the impacts of that amazing generosity are already being felt at the University in major ways.

Previous issues of this newsletter have described the building projects that are either completed or well under way on our two campuses. There’s plenty of other great news. For example, a total of 40 new professorships have been created through the campaign—and counting. A total of 141 new funds providing financial aid to BU students have been established—and counting.

With your help, we’re changing students’ lives at Boston University by giving them access to an educational experience like no other. With your help, we are supercharging our research enterprise, helping our professors open doors to a new and better future. With your help, our institution is making a bigger difference every day in our city, our nation, and our world.

Thank you very much for joining us in choosing to be great.


Kenneth J. Feld (SMG’70)
Chairman and CEO, FELD Entertainment, Inc.
Trustee, Boston University

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