Research Presentation with Dr. Melanie Wilcox

Dr. Melanie Wilcox is an Assistant Professor at Augusta University.

Dr. Wilcox will describe her research journey and shifts in the field from multicultural competence (MCC) to multicultural orientation (MCO) and structural competencies as ways to move toward an antiracist and antioppressive psychology.

Despite the promise of the prevailing MCC model, limitations with the model have been noted. This research and the MCO model will be described and Dr. Wilcox’s recent research on MCO in cross-racial clinical supervision discussed. MCO, as a process model, may be considered “modern core conditions” (Wilcox, 2023) necessary for culturally and structurally responsive therapy. Content knowledge is also crucial, but given the research on MCC, a structural competencies model—which situates clients’ mental health detriments as the downstream effects of upstream oppressive systems (Metzl & Hansen, 2014)—may be better situated to prepare the next generation of culturally and structurally responsive psychologists and counselors. Dr. Wilcox’s collaborative work to develop this model for psychology and next steps in her research agenda will be discussed.

When 10:30 am to 12:00 pm on Friday, December 1, 2023
Location WED, 2 Silber Way (Room 423)