"Our New Chapter" Exhibition 10/3-10/8

“Our New Chapter,” an exhibition by Will Chapman (BU Class of 2026), in partnership with Student Wellbeing, will be on display at BU’s Fitness and Recreation Center, October 3-October 10, with a private gallery opening October 2. “Our New Chapter” is a photographic and written series that investigates the first semester of college. Documented during the first year of BU’S Class of 2026, this project offers a snapshot into the lives of twenty-six students as they embark on the journey of beginning anew. In order to share “Our New Chapter” with those who may be going through similar experiences, William partnered with Student Wellbeing, a campus-wide initiative to support students’ health and wellbeing. They recognize that everyone deserves to feel good and hope students find ways to do that during their time at BU and beyond. In this gallery collaboration, twelve student profiles are on display highlighting their struggles and experiences, along with the resources available to support them.

When 12:00 am every day until Sunday, October 8, 2023
Building BU Fitness & Recreation Center, 915 Commonwealth Ave
Room Lobby
Contact Email studentwellbeing@bu.edu
Contact Organization Student Wellbeing
Fees Free