Collaborating with Non-Human Partners

Donna Haraway writes that the “radical implication of sympoesis is that we are never alone.” Sympoesis simply means “making-with”, and Haraway’s philosophy invites us to understand creative pursuits as always happening with company or with kin. Inspired by Haraway, this panel challenges its speakers – and audience – to consider work and research not as having a subject that receives the action, but rather as kinship-based collaborations. Instead of “studying on” and “working on”, this panel will explore the personal, professional, and ecological implications of “studying with” and “working with”. What happens when scientists engineer with plants? When historians think with caves? When brewers cohabitate with bees? When theologians collaborate with sacred and active texts? Join us in conversation about who is really in the driver’s seat when humans collaborate with non-humans.

Register by: 11/2/2023
When 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm on Thursday, November 2, 2023
Building STH, 745 Commonwealth Ave
Room 325
Contact Name Emily G Litterer
Phone 5038677731
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Contact Organization School of Theology
Fees Free
Speakers Dr. Lauren Cole-Osborn, Alexander D’Alisera, Charlotte Ames, Dr. Rebecca Copeland