broke (not broken), lost n found

Studios On Three Next Stage Workshop production "broke (not broken), lost n found" is written by Isabelle Sanatdar Stevens and directed by Madeline Riddick-Seals. • College is hard, and being a low-income, first-gen American student can make it even harder, but when the highest paying job on-campus is as an RA, you do what you gotta do to try and bridge the gap. Four students bond over their shared role in the campus community, and the shared aspects of their backgrounds. Challenges arise as they navigate the high demands of the job while balancing schoolwork and the ever-evolving nature of their personal lives. They may be broke, but they’re definitely not broken—especially now that they have each other. • The School of Theatre New Play Initiative presents a series of Next Stage workshops, scenes, and plays. These Next Stage pieces will be directed by our Undergraduate Directors and will flower as the next step in the fruition of these new plays by BU students. The nature of the presentation and the work is determined by the needs of the play. Curated by Kirsten Greenidge, this “on-its-feet” workshop or play experience focuses on different areas of the writing or specific parts of a project in the process of development.

When 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday, October 7, 2023
Location CFA, 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
Room David Copeland Black Box Theatre-354