Informational Webinar LHS Scholar Funding Opportunity for Rehabilitation Researchers

In this informational webinar, you will learn more about our Learning Health Systems Rehabilitation Research Network's (LeaRRn) Learning Health Systems (LHS) Scholar Program. This program partners rehabilitation researchers with health system stakeholders for a 12-month period to prepare for research, or a quality improvement project on a priority topic identified by the health system. Each LHS Scholar is paired with a faculty mentor who offers guidance to the Scholar and health system as they begin to develop a plan to engage in LHS research/quality improvement. When the year-long scholar period ends, the Scholar and health system will be well positioned to advance the work, for example, by seeking pilot funding through LeaRRn or other mechanisms.

Register by: 9/11/2023
When 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm on Monday, September 11, 2023
Contact Name Kara Jackman
Phone 781-844-6368
Contact Email
Contact Organization BUSPH/LeaRRn
Fees Free
Speakers LeaRRn LHS Scholar Program Leaders