The Great Turning: A Conversation with Canticle Farm’s Anne & Terry Symens-Bucher

Anne and Terry Symens-Bucher are founders of Canticle Farm, an intentional community in Oakland, California experimenting at the intersection of faith, social justice, and Earth-based nonviolent activism. The farm’s work is founded on the belief that the political, economic, educational, and ecological crises we are facing in this historical moment are at root a spiritual crisis arising from the illusion of the separate, autonomous self. The metanoia, and great turning, they will highlight is from an individual, separate, autonomous consciousness to a communal consciousness, to become persons in community. Canticle Farm is rooted in Franciscan spirituality and the Work That Reconnects. Anne and Terry will present on the Great Turning, the shift from the Industrial Growth society currently degrading Earth to a life-sustaining, life-enhancing society. They will discuss their experience at Canticle Farm as a platform for the Great Turning and a communal, spiritual response to the cascading crisis threatening human survival. Join on Zoom at

When 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm on Thursday, March 25, 2021
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Contact Organization STH Faith and Ecological Justice Program
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