The Curse of Connoisseurship: Discussions of the Boston Beverage Scene

The world of beverage studies is as unique as it is complicated, which makes for rich -- and necessary -- discussions on the topic. Engaging with these issues and hearing various perspectives is essential in changing the beverage industry so it reflects more of what the world looks like, not just what wine and spirits have traditionally represented. The elitism associated with these products contributes to class differentiation, with some groups gaining from the involvement while others become marginalized. Therefore, it can be argued that beverage studies is an intricate sector of previously unexplored aspects of class-making. Through a series of virtual speaking engagements, these events will address who is othered and made invisible as a result of underrepresentation in the wine and spirits industry. In particular, we will foster conversations about the language, rhetoric, spaces, and events used to discuss, share, and sell wine and spirits.

These virtual events, taking place every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of March, are part of the BU Learn More Series, hosted by the Diversity & Inclusion Office in conjunction with graduate students and alumni of the Gastronomy Department. All speaking engagements are free and open to the public, regardless if one lives in Boston.

When 6:00 pm on every Tuesday & Thursday until Thursday, March 18, 2021
Contact Name Amy Johnson
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Contact Organization Gastronomy Department of Boston University
Fees Free