Anything For Selena...Live!

Join host Maria Garcia and the team behind WBUR/Futuro Studios’ new podcast Anything For Selena for a live taping of the show’s final episode. They’ll go behind the scenes to discuss the making of the podcast and take your questions. In Anything For Selena, Maria goes on an intimate, revelatory quest to understand how Mexican-American music icon Selena Quintanilla went from a working-class girl who began singing to put food on the table to a Grammy-winning, chart-topping artist on the verge of mainstream stardom before her tragic murder in 1995. In each episode, Maria unpacks an aspect of how Selena’s image and legacy has taken on new meaning 25 years after her death. The series also weaves Maria’s personal story as a queer, first-generation Mexican immigrant with cultural analysis, history and politics to explore how Selena remains an unparalleled vessel for understanding Latino identity and American belonging.

Register by: 2/18/2021
When 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, February 25, 2021
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