The Grifter, the Gestapo, and the Jews: Impersonating Nazi Law Enforcement in 1942 Berlin: A Lecture by Jonathan Zatlin

Join us for a lecture by our colleague Jonathan Zatlin on Nazi Law enforcement in 1942 Berlin. Discussants will include Julie Keresztes, PhD candidate in history at Boston University; Christoph Kreutzmueller, Senior Historian of the House of the Wannsee-Conference, Berlin; Anna Krylova, Associate Professor of Modern Russian History at Duke University, and Jonathan Wiesen, Professor of History at the University of Alabama. Jonathan Zatlin is Associate Professor of History at Boston University. His current research investigates the link between race and economy in modern European history, focusing on the experience of German Jews. He is completing a book entitled German Fantasies of Jewish Wealth, 1870-1990, which analyzes how economic racism inspires violent assaults on the rights of ownership and citizenship. It aims to provide an alternative account of the Jewish experience in German history by focusing on the economy as a field for the production of violent fantasies about Jews. Through a series of interconnected case studies, it demonstrate that these fantasies did not simply emerge out of an opposition to material reality, but increasingly shaped both economic practice and symbolic understanding of that practice.

When 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on Thursday, February 4, 2021
Contact Name Elizabeth Amrien
Phone 617-358-0919
Contact Organization Center for the Study of Europe
Fees Free
Speakers Jonathan Zatlin, Julie Keresztes, Christoph Kreutzmueller, Anna Krylova, Jonathan Wiesen