A conversation with the playwright and director Erica Terpening-Romeo What the playwright says about her play-in-progress: After bullying forces 15-year-old Avery Roberts to leave his high school, he finds solace in the sublime glow of YouTube videos, Reddit pages, and the epic battlegrounds of World of Warcraft. It is in this digital landscape that he discovers a group of men who call themselves “incels” or “involuntary celibates,” monikers based on the real-life community of the same name. In an attempt to understand her son's new affinity for this group, Avery's mother Elaine, an esteemed professor of mythology, makes her own account on World of Warcraft in order to see what Avery's up to. Upon stepping foot inside the game, Elaine is surprised to experience an intoxicating new reality that sparks something strange and exciting inside of her. A compulsion to play is unearthed in Elaine, and it isn't long until Avery notices some unsettling new changes in his mother. INCELS AND OTHER MYTHS takes us on a mythical journey deep into the underworld of a mother and her son. It is in this realm we learn what happens when two desperate, familial souls face their monsters. Where: From wherever you are, via the videoconferencing tool Zoom. Audiences will need to download the free Zoom app to participate, and it is recommended they call in a few minutes before “curtain” time. Full schedule and Zoom links available on the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre website: http://www.BostonPlaywrights.org

When 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Phone newplays@bu.edu
Contact Organization Boston Playwrights' Theatre
Fees Free