TikTok, WeChat, and Sino-American Relations Today

To open this year’s BUCSA annual theme DIGITAL ASIA, we are pleased to present a roundtable discussion on the contentious planned banning in the United States of the popular Chinese apps Tik Tok and Wechat. Our panel of specialists detailed below will explore the impact on users in the United States and China (including, of course, many students, faculty, staff and their families at BU and beyond), and how this new policy will affect the political, economic, social and cybersecurity relations between the two countries. Organized by Eugenio Menegon (BU History). Moderator: Prof. James Katz (BU College of Communication). Presentations:“The politics of Sino-US cyber-relations around TikTok & Wechat” by Prof. Min Ye ( BU Pardee School); “Wechat/TiTok 101: a communication perspective” by Prof. Lei Guo (BU College of Communication); “TikTok, Wechat and cybersecurity issues” by Prof. Jack Weinstein (BU Pardee School and Lieutenant General, USAF [Ret.])Q&A with the audience will follow/RSVP to receive a Zoom ID or email: buasia@bu.edu

When 4:30 pm to 5:40 pm on Thursday, October 8, 2020
Location Virtual event; registration required