COVID-19 Testing Registration

Completing a COVID-19 self-test is easy.  PCR testing at BU is available for faculty and staff who are experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms or who have been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case. Testing kits are available at the Health Services Annex, located in the rear of Agganis Arena at 925 Commonwealth Ave., where employees can pick up self-testing kits and drop off completed samples on the same day.  No appointment is necessary to pick up a COVID-19 Testing Kit, however before dropping off your test, you must register your testing kit through the Occupational Health Connect Portal.

How to Register Your COVID-19 Testing Kit

  1. Select Register COVID-19 Testing Kit from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Fill all of the required information on the form, including:
    • What is your Reason for testing?: Indicate your reason for testing.
    • COVID-19 Testing Kit Barcode: Enter your 13-14 character barcode printed on the side of your test kit tube.
    • Confirm COVID-19 Testing Kit Barcode: Enter your barcode in again to confirm you entered it correctly.
    • Barcode Match Calculator: The form will automatically tell you if your “Barcodes Match”

3. Click Submit.

4. You will briefly receive a Submission Successful message before being redirected to the portal homepage.

5. After your Testing Kit is registered and you complete the test, drop-off the completed COVID-19 Testing Kit in the drop-off box in the Health Services Annex, Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM. You must drop-off the completed Testing Kit the same day you submit your questionnaire.

6. You will shortly thereafter receive a confirmation email.  You will then receive your test result by the end of the following business day. Please be sure to check your Occupational Health Connect Portal for your result.


Common Errors When Registering your Testing Kit

There are two errors that can occur when you register your COVID-19 testing kit in the COVID-19 Testing Kit Barcode and Confirm COVID-19 Testing Kit Barcode fields:

  • Check Number of characters in Barcode
  • The 2 Barcodes do not match

To resolve either of these errors, please ensure that you entered the correct barcode into both fields.  All three fields are required including the automated Barcode Match Calculator (which does not accept user input). The form will not be allowed to submit if any of the fields are left blank.