TECH Talk with Neya Systems: "Revolutionizing Robotics: Off-Road Autonomy and Related Applications"

5:00 pm on Monday, February 11, 2019
5:45 pm on Monday, February 11, 2019
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Caitlin Childs
Off-road autonomy presents a unique set of challenges – how to navigate where there are no lane markers, road signs, or even roads themselves. Neya Systems specializes in off-road autonomy as well as advanced unmanned systems. Come and learn how this technology is being used to create novel solutions in a wide variety of fields, from mining to construction, defense to retail, at this event hosted by Metropolitan College's Department of Computer Science. Bring your resume - job opportunities will be discussed! Kurt Bruck has over 15 years robotics design experience developing new technologies for the Department of Defense and is the Director of Defense Robotics at Neya Systems. Kurt oversees the execution of multiple large autonomous vehicle development programs including autonomous convoys combat robotics platforms. He manages multiples clients for Neya and assists in the scoping of new robotics development contracts. Prior to Neya, he spent multiple years developing driverless car technology as well as mission planning software for autonomous underwater vehicles. Neya Systems, LLC, is a 40-person robotics and unmanned systems company with offices in Pittsburgh PA, and Framingham, MA. Our expertise includes autonomous navigation in unstructured natural environments, multi-robot mission planning and collaboration, interoperability, and open architectures. Our employee base is a mix of skills and degree levels, with extensive experience in the development of real world robotic systems. Our 5000 sq. ft. facility includes office space and high-bays, with adjacent outdoor testing facilities. We have a SECRET FCL, with safeguarding and information processing.