BUCPUA Guest Lecture: Food Security with Julie Conroy-Senior Environmental Planner at Fort Point Associates

9:00 am on Friday, November 2, 2018
FCB 104 (25 Pilgrim Road)
City Planning and Urban Affairs course UA 617 Actionable Sustainability will host guest speaker Julie Conroy, AICP, Senior Environmental Planner at Fort Point Associates. Julie Conroy has been an environmental analyst and planner for nearly 20 years. She began her career as a Boston Harbor Regional Coordinator, and later the Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Program Manager for the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. Ms. Conroy later became a private consultant with the Horsley Witten Group, and later VHB. She managed large-scale projects such as Safe Drinking Water Act Peer Reviews for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and authored policy documents such as Massachusetts Smart Growth-Smart Energy Toolkit. Returning to the public sector, Ms Conroy was privileged to have the opportunity to further her climate assessment and planning skills when she authored the Metro-Boston Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. Ms. Conroy currently works for a dynamic private environmental consulting firm where she utilizes her environmental planning and regulatory skills to provide best practice recommendations for climate resiliency and environmental protection to large Metro-Boston area developers. Ms. Conroy has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Analysis and Policy and a Master of Arts in Urban Affairs and Environmental Planning from Boston University. She also Co-Chairs the Boston Harbor Now Climate Task Force and serves on the Board of Advisers for BU's City Planning Program.