Drink Progressively, with Urban Grape

5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 30, 2018
8:00 pm on Tuesday, October 30, 2018
From Hadley and TJ Douglas, the wine experts and owners of Boston’s popular The Urban Grape, Drink Progressively offers an easy and enjoyable method for discovering wines you will love, as well as expert advice on how to pair them with your favorite dishes. Urban Grape’s “Progressive Scale,” a unique way of organizing wine from light-bodied to full-bodied, is all you need to make the puzzle pieces of wine fall into place. The lightest-bodied wines, comparable to skim milk in texture, start off the scale at 1, while the fullbodied wines, correlating to heavy cream, sit atop the scale at 10. Grasping this simple principle is the key to demystifying the challenge of food and wine pairings. This event includes small tastings paired with wine. Copies of the book will be avaliable for purchase.