Annual "Aristophanes" Production: Plautus' Menaechmi

5:30 pm on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Peter Michelli
Announcing the Department of Classical Studies and the Core Curriculum’s annual “Aristophanes” production: Plautus’ Menaechmi. This Roman comedy is a tale of twin brothers who are separated in infancy and reconnect after a comically complicated series of misadventures due to mistaken identity. The play served as the model for Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. Accompanied by his crafty slave (Evan Armacost), Menaechmus II (Professor Jeff Henderson) travels to Epidamnus in search of his long lost identical twin, Menaechmus I (Meghan Kelly). Trouble begins to brew when Menaechmus I’s courtesan (Katrice Kemble), wife (James Uden), and father-in-law (Zsuzsa Varhelyi) mistake this new Menaechmus for his twin. With utterly ridiculous cameos by our distinguished faculty (including Professors Herb Golder, Stephanie Nelson, Sasha Nikolaev, Stephen Scully, and Ann Vasaly), it’s sure to be a great time! Wisecracks, cross-dressing, and pizza for all! The Annual Aristophanes Production gives students, faculty, and staff in Classics, Core, and many guests from CAS( even the dean in past years!) an opportunity to share in the foolishness of ancient comedy. The Production is sponsored by the Classical Studies Department, the CAS Core Curriculum, Distinguished Teaching Professorship, and the Student Activities Office. For coverage of the play in past years, please visit our webpage: