Conference on Financial Stability & Asset Management

7:45 am on Wednesday, March 11, 2015
4:10 pm on Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy (CFLP) and the Investment Company Institute (ICI) are joint organizers of the Conference on Financial Stability & Asset Management. The day-long Conference will take place on March 11 at Boston University, and bring together policymakers, academics, legal experts, and executives from the mutual fund, asset management, and banking industries to discuss the current regulatory debate-in the United States and globally-over the role of asset management in economic growth and financial stability, and how to address regulators' systemic concerns in this sector. It features dialogue between SEC Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher and Sir Paul Tucker, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, on the differing perspectives of capital markets and banking regulation. Additional panels will discuss how capital markets regulation can address systemic concerns; what prudential supervision would mean for asset management; and the outlook for regulation in this area. Attendance is free for BU affiliates.