Call My Agent: A class about Hollywood, representation and powerhouse deals

4:00 pm on Friday, April 24, 2015
7:00 pm on Friday, April 24, 2015
COM 209
The glamorous world of the entertainment industry is made up of movie stars, TV stars, athletes and celebrities who entertain, set trends and put the economic and social circle needles in motion. It’s Showbiz! But, at the center of it all, show business is a business that makes and breaks industries and billionaires. For every movie and television show produced, every game played, and every celebrity or personality that controls trends, record sales, ratings and box office dollars, there are key people negotiating those deals. Agents, Managers, Lawyers, Business Managers and Publicists, making up the world of entertainment representation, are those key people. This one day only seminar is based on the SMG and COM BULA semester course “Talent Representation and Contracts,” which was named the Daily Beast’s #6 “Hottest College Course in the Country.” The special event will be taught by Randi Siegel, a producer, consultant and talent manager, who is most known for launching and developing the career of Jimmy Fallon. It will include lecture, case studies from current headlines, interactive discussions and mock negotiations. It will discuss best practices and contemporary problems and strategies and feature in-depth analysis of case histories. Participants will be offered the opportunity to peer behind the historically closed doors of talent agencies, personal management companies and entertainment law firms and will gain an understanding of how to build their instincts and translate their education into being an effective executive. Participants will also learn how buyers, advertisers and producers can best interact with representatives to attain their talent and business affairs needs for projects and campaigns.