The Global Environmental Crisis: Is There a Place for an Individual Response?

12:30 pm on Tuesday, February 3, 2015
1:50 pm on Tuesday, February 3, 2015
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Elizabeth Amrien
Many of us concerned with the degradation of the environment and global environmental challenges such as climate change at some point face the frustration of helplessness. How can I do something about these problems? Why should I continue reducing my carbon footprint if others don't? How can I make my effort count if the others do nothing? Our moral motivation to act sustainably is an important element of a transition towards sustainability and coping with climate change. In her talk Katia Vladimirova, PhD fellow from LUISS University (Rome) and a visiting scholar at Boston University is going to discuss from an interdisciplinary perspective how values and virtues are at play in enabling individual responses to global environmental crisis. Among other questions the talk will address the challenges of over-consumption, the lack of a concept of individual responsibility for global environmental problems and concerns for remote posterity in the context of sustainable development. Henrik Selin, Associate Director of the Division of International Studies and Associate Professor of International Relations, will moderate. Open to the BU community and others with a research interest in the topic. Lunch provided.