JePPIX Training in Photonic Integrated Circuit Design: InP Technology

9:00 am on Monday, June 16, 2014
5:30 pm on Friday, June 20, 2014
Boston University, Photonics Center, 8 St. Mary Street, PHO 901
Building on the long history of the two week in-depth trainings and Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs by the COBRA Institute at the Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), this 1-week JePPIX training focuses on supporting the creation of designs to be fabricated in MPW runs at SMART Photonics (NL), Oclaro (UK) and the Heinrich Hertz Institute (GER). People that want to learn more about photonic integration in general as well as people interested to participate in a MPW run and learn more about Design Kits to design Photonic Integrated Circuits should join. Last year in Cambridge (UK), this workshop attracted people from around the globe, from academia and companies. This year the venue will be Boston University (USA) targeting people from whole North America to participate. What will you learn? What is photonic integration and generic manufacturing What photonic platforms are available via MPW The level of maturity of each photonic's platform and their service providers today How does a Multi Project Wafer run work in practice What is a Process Design Kit (PDK) Discover the services from various design houses (VLC Photonics and BrightPhotonics) that can help you with actual design work and libraries for the software tools PIC design examples and applications on each of the JePPIX's foundry (SMART Photonics (NL), Oclaro (UK) and the Heinrich Hertz Institute (GER)). Furthermore there is an extensive hands-on session in using a design kit: Use foundry's mature building blocks to simulate your circuit with PICwave from Photon Design and Aspic from Filarete Automatically translate your circuit to foundry's on-specs mask (GDSII) file by using OptoDesigner from PhoeniX Software Design for packaging by using templates from Linkra, Technobis and Xio Photonics Furthermore it is a unique opportunity to network with experts in photonics, from foundries, software providers and design houses. Cost - the charges for this 5-days course will be € 2500,-. For academic participants there is a 50% discount: € 1250. Participants will get a binder with course material and daily lunches. Attendees are expected to pay for their own subsistence and accommodation whilst in Boston.