Woman up! for a new progressive agenda Fifth Transatlantic dialogue on gender issues

9:30 am on Monday, March 3, 2014
6:30 pm on Monday, March 3, 2014
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Elizabeth Amrien
March 2014 marks the fifth edition of the Transatlantic dialogue on gender issues, organized by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Fondation Jean Jaurès, in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Europe at Boston University. The current political momentum both in Europe and the USA combined with this exciting anniversary lead to a unique occasion within the cycle of the dialogue. This is expressed symbolically through the fact that the venue of the dialogue is again Boston, where the research program was launched five years ago. The event is organized in the framework of women’s history month; the 2014 theme—Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment—serves as an inspiration to link past achievements with present and future aspirations. All of the topics to be addressed are crucial in the short-term given the upcoming European Parliamentary and USA mid-term elections. However, by synthesizing the experiences from the past meetings, the objective of the seminar is to tackle the main theoretic, strategic and policy challenges concerning gender equality that progressives will face in the long-term on both sides of the Atlantic. Hence, the dialogue is planned to be an inspiration for both American and European participants: collecting initiatives and setting up strategies that can either strengthen progressives’ position for 2016 Presidential elections and beyond or that can influence the new European Commission’s objectives on gender equality. Monday, March 3 I. The (in)visibility of women on the left: A historical perspective II. Changing the narrative on gender issues: From struggle to emancipation III. Revisiting the core policy: Gendered analysis of the new welfare state Tuesday, March 4 IV. Strengthened commitment to the international dimension: Gender, peace, and security V. Addressing current challenges: Gender and new forms of political activism VII. Sharing effective strategies: Mobilizing women for the progressive cause