Shaming the State: Subjectivity and Islamic Ethics in Indonesia’s Pornography Debate

5:00 pm on Friday, December 6, 2013
6:00 pm on Friday, December 6, 2013
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Arlene Brennan
Dr. Hoesterey’s research focuses on popular Islam, religious authority, Muslim subjectivity, and public piety in post-authoritarian Indonesia. His current book project - "Sufis and Self-help Gurus: Popular Islam and the Cultural Politics of Public Piety" - tells the story of the rise and fall of Indonesia's most famous television preacher. Dr. Hoesterey earned his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009. Subsequently, Hoesterey was the Shorenstein postdoctoral fellow at the Asia Pacific Research Center at Stanford University (2009-2010); the Andrew W. Mellon postdoctoral fellow in Islamic Studies at Lake Forest College (2010-2011); and the ACLS New Faculty Fellow at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and the Center for International and Comparative Studies at University of Michigan (2011-2012).