Museum of Jewish Heritage Information Session

5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 2, 2013
6:00 pm on Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Contact Name:
Jessica Fenerlis
Museum of Jewish Heritage will be giving a presentation on its Lipper Internship program. The Lipper Internship has brought together graduate and undergraduate students from across the Northeast to train in New York City for a semester-long internship in museum education. Prior to the beginning of the semester Interns attend an intensive 10-day training session at the Museum to learn how to teach public middle and high school students about the Holocaust. During training Interns meet with Museum staff, hear testimony from Holocaust survivors, and learn methods for teaching from artifacts in the Museum's collection. Following training, Interns work in pairs, visiting several middle and high schools in their college communities to implement the three parts of the Internship program.