Workshop: Learning from the Iraqi Refugee Experience in Syria

9:30 am on Monday, April 29, 2013
2:00 pm on Monday, April 29, 2013
The Castle (225 Bay State Road)
The following speakers will present and discuss on the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crises: Ms. Vicky Kelberer (Boston University), An Overview of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Rafif Jouejati (Spokesperson, Local Coordination Committees in Syria; Director, Foundation to Restore Equality and Education in Syria). Prof. 'Abbas Kadhim (Naval Postgraduate School; and Visiting Senior Fellow, BUIIS), "From Ghawgha'is to Iraqi-Americans: the two-decade metamorphosis of Iraqi refugees in America." Dr. Mohammed alMaliky (MD MPH,; Fellow, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs Harvard University; and University of Pennsylvania Hospitals), talk title TBP. Dr. Lindsay Gifford (National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCLA; and Visiting Scholar, University of San Francisco) "Iraqi Refugee Perceptions of Urban Violence". Ms. Heidemarie Woefel (Boston University) "Iraqi Refugees: Experiences of Resettlement in America." Professor Asmaa Najim A.Nassir Al-Hadidi (Diyala University and Humphrey Fellow at Boston University), Discussant.