Pricing Looks, Pricing Gender: How Women Earn More Than Men in a Few Rare Fields - Discoveries Lecture Series

7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 30, 2013
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Jeff Murphy
Fashion modeling is one of a handful of occupations in which women routinely earn more than men, commanding wage premiums up to 75 percent. But why—and at what cost? Assistant Professor of Sociology Ashley Mears will lead us through an exploration of the economics of the modeling industry, drawing on ethnographic data from within the New York and London fashion worlds. The author of Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model—which the Boston Globe calls “a fascinating study”—Mears will trace the logics of valuation for men and women as display commodities and show how gender norms influence the pricing of bodies in this aesthetic economy and beyond. Possessing insight into the industry from multiple perspectives—as an interviewer, an author, and a former model herself, Mears will examine the sociology of gender and labor markets as she challenges the common theories for why women earn less than men in most fields. Discoveries, a series of dynamic learning opportunities for the alumni and friends, features faculty experts from the College of Arts & Sciences. While this event is free of charge, please register in advance due to room capacity.