Traveling Terriers: Bicycle Tour of Champagne, France

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on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Champagne, France
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Sara Schumann
Champagne - the worlds’ most luxurious drink, synonymous with celebrations, new beginnings and anniversaries. The popping of a Champagne cork reminds us all of good times and on your DuVine adventure you’ll be having it an awful lot. Biking amongst age-old vines, picturesque villages and the historic domains that produce Moet, Pommery and Mumm you’ll experience first hand the magic behind these globally acclaimed brands. But there is more to Champagne than the luxury labels, and on your Duvine adventure we’ll personally introduce you to our favorite family-run producers who will be more than happy to pass on their time-honored traditions as well as sharing the fizzy fruits of their labor. Learning to differentiate your Blanc de Noir from your Blanc De Blanc and your Pinot Noir from your Pinot Meunier, when not cycling and sipping bubbles you’ll be dinning in Michelin starred restaurants and staying in the regions very best hotels. Based around the coronation city of Reims, with its imposing Gothic cathedral and Epernay, with her labyrinths of limestone cellars, the Champagne region also has a fascinating history. You’ll stand at the very point where the kings of France were crowned, visit the moving memorials of those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the Western Front in WW1 and even sleep in Napoleon’s favorite hotel. Exceptional food, intriguing history and of course plenty of bubbles provide a spoiling blend of old school opulence in this charming region of Franc—so come for the ride and we guarantee you’ll get a kick out of champagne!