Boston University Dialogues in Biological Anthropology: Proclaiming Ardipithecus— Part 2

Description: Found in Ethiopia in 1994, a mysterious 4.4-million-year-old skeleton was proclaimed [...]in 2009 as an early human ancestor that was an upright biped on the ground and a quadruped in the trees, proving that there was never a long-armed, arm-swinging ape in the human ancestry. Two leading experts on human fossils, William Jungers from Stony Brook University and William Kimbel from Arizona State University, join BU's Matt Cartmill and Jeremy DeSilva to debate and discuss Ardipithecus and its meaning in a dialogue with a live audience.

Tags: boston university, Anthropology, jeremy desilva, biological anthropology, ardipithecus, matt cartmill, william jungers, william kimbel

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