BU Kendo Association Brings a Japanese Sword-Based Martial Art to FitRec

You are more likely to hear a kendo practice before you see it. Bamboo swords—shinai— swish [...]through the air and collide, bare feet slap the hardwood floor, and participants let out a yell whenever they strike.

The sword-based martial art that we now know as kendo began in Japan in the 1700s, originating from military leaders discovering that their soldiers could use bamboo swords for full-contact training without risking fatal injuries. Kendo, translated to “principles of the sword,” got its current name in the early 1900s.

BU Kendo Association has about 50 members and was founded in 2005. The group has members with experience ranging from none to nine years. While many new members join the club for the action in the sport, the veterans say the spiritual side of it keeps them around.

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