ASL Takes Center Stage

For nearly a decade, CFA’s School of Theatre and the Disability Services office, have [...]collaborated on two ASL-interpreted productions each year. Their goal is to teach theater students how to produce shows accessible to the deaf community and to mentor a new crop of ASL interpreters for the Boston theater scene.

View the story on BU Today:

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Posted by janbrady (0)

Excellent! I love seeing this! Any way for BU to include captioning on ALL of their BU Today and BUniverse videos? Why not make them ALL accessible to our deaf community?
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Posted by aaronlh (4)

Captioning support on BUniverse has come up in numerous meetings discussing the future functionality of the site and it is definitely on the list of desired features. There are technical complexities that impact all possible options (from manual submission of captions for a specific video to transcription services and automatic transcription and more) that remain under consideration for the future.
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Posted by thammavi (0)

We should integrate the sign language in a classroom for English class.
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Posted by tlm (0)

The videos on BUniverse are also available through the BU YouTube Channel - although it's not always perfect, the videos there do have automatic transcription as provided by YouTube (click the CC button). For those who are deaf or hard of hearing this view may make them more accessible.
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